Seismic Shut Off Valve

Who to Call for a Water Heater Repair

If you’ve enjoyed a hot shower recently, then you have your home water heater to thank. A water heater is an essential appliance found in homes all across the country that enables you to have hot water whenever you need it. But like any appliance, problems may occur...

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How to Detect a Gas Leak

How to Detect a Gas Leak  Natural gas is an essential energy source used to power countless homes and businesses around the world. It provides heat for your cooking and heating and fuels power stations that generate electricity for homes and businesses. But a natural...

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How Dangerous is a Gas Leak?

How Dangerous is a Gas Leak?    A silent, but hazardous threat, a gas leak in your home or office can lead to serious threats to both your property and loved ones. A gas leak can lead to an explosion that can cause significant property damage or even pose...

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How Does an Earthquake Valve Work?

How Does an Earthquake Valve Work?  If you live in southern California, you already know the inherent dangers of an earthquake. You also probably know how common these natural disasters are throughout the United States and the world. In fact, according to the United...

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