Earthquakes: The Increasing Danger

Earthquakes are an increasing danger, and they are something to think about if you live in an area like Los Angeles City that is known for an unstable terrain: It’s a good idea to contact Safe Gas Services for a consultation appointment if you aren’t sure whether your house or building is compliant – in just a few minutes, we can tell you.

Are You Safe Enough According to Los Angeles Laws?

Los Angeles City Ordinance laws require all home sales, new home constructions and home remodels over $10, 000 to be equipped with a seismic gas shut-off valve in order to be compliant.

It’s not just a legal thing, it’s an important safety essential: Many homes and buildings might have no idea they fit the bill – and this might mean that they aren’t as safe as they think in the event of an emergency.

Contact Safe Gas Services

Get in touch with Safe Gas Services for assessments, retrofitting and compliance services for homes and business. We’re the professionals, and we can assess your needs and ensure that you are fully compliant with current Los Angeles City laws – and safer in the event of an earthquake or other gas-related emergencies.

How to Detect a Gas Leak

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Safety First

Earthquakes are on the rise, and the responsible thing to do is to make sure that you and your family and employees are protected against the increasing danger. We offer specialized protective and detection equipment for earthquakes and other emergencies in the...

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