Gas Leak Detection Services in Santa Monica 

Gas Leak Inspections in Los Angeles County

Safe Gas Services Inc offers expert service in gas leak detection. Our gas services will ensure that your home or business stays safe. If you’re building a new property, remodeling an existing home, or retrofitting a commercial property, we’ll make sure your gas lines are safe and operational.

What to Do if You Smell Gas?

If you smell gas in your home and believe it is an emergency, the first thing you should do is get out of the building right away. Leave all doors and windows open so the gas can escape. Don't turn any electrical switches on or off, and don't use any fire or cigarettes. Once you're a safe distance away, call Safe Gas Services Inc to schedule a detection survey as soon as you can. In emergencies, you should still call 911 as quickly as possible. Our team offers a comprehensive report for all of your building’s gas components and will provide you with the advice you need for deciding what to do next. In many cases, we can fix minor gas leaks on the spot.

When we come out to a property for a detection service we provide: 

  • Gas line restoration and conservation 
  • Efficient fixes for minor gas leaks
  • Gas leak detection technology that identifies underground or difficult to reach gas leaks or broken pipeline
  • Experienced professionals who can provide you with reliable advice

Who Should You Call if You Have a Gas Leak Repair?

If you suspect a gas leak, your primary concern should be your safety and the safety of those around you. You need to contact your local gas company. Gas companies have trained professionals who can respond to gas leaks promptly and carry out the necessary repairs. Do not attempt to fix the leak yourself; leave it to the experts.

Trusted Services, Reliable Advice.

Whether you’re seeking a quick fix for a potential gas leak or need a professional evaluation of your existing gas regulator, we can help. We will provide you with the advice you need to look after your gas systems and eliminate the risks of a fire or other serious accident on your property. If your gas systems require repair or gas line replacement installation, we’ll set you up with a straightforward project outline, so you’ll know exactly what to expect for this process in terms of budget and time.

The Safe Gas Difference Our Reviews

  • “Safe Gas Services is my # 1 go-to company for service and installation of Natural Gas services, specifically the installation of Earthquake Safety Shut-off Valves in Multi-Family Apartment Complexes. Safety is job #1 on every project, first and foremost.” - Joe C.
  • “I highly recommend both landlords and single-family owners alike hire them. They are trustworthy and professional.” - Mike G.
  • “Nick was the tech that performed the installation. He was prompt, professional, and polite, and cleaned the work area.” - Victor G.
  • “The service technicians were knowledgeable and very helpful. Did a great job.” - Tracey R.
  • “My first job using them to get 64 units of gas after someone illegally turned the gas into a property. All went well! No, use for other plumbing services.” - Vincent T.
  • “Easy to make an appointment within day-or-two, technicians top-notch and personable, understand all codes, can't say enough about these guys” - Baja B.
  • “The safe gas company is easy to work with, a great price compared to other plumbing companies.” - Chy L.
  • “All of the personnel were very courteous, very professional totally knowledgeable in what they were doing.” - Kathleen S.

Reach Out for Your Leak Detection Service Today

Safe Gas Services Inc offers professional, trusted gas services, retrofitting, and plumbing for Santa Monica and Los Angeles County. We ensure your property’s systems operate safely and efficiently, whether it’s a commercial or residential structure. With our professional team, years of experience, and advanced equipment, each and every client is guaranteed to receive the very best service.

We are here for all your gas service needs. Our trained technicians can detect gas leaks, repair, and replace damaged gas lines, and keep your property safe. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients and offer a range of money-saving solutions.

Call us at (310) 664-8777 or complete our online form to schedule your service today!

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