We are OPEN for Essential Operations and 24/7 Emergency Services

Safe Gas Services & SGS Plumbing and Retrofit is a local business Family Owned and Operated since 1990. We are diligent and proud to serve our community with good morals and honest service you can trust for 30 years and growing. Thank You to all our loyal and valued customers, old and new for trusting in our family to bring you the best plumbing, rooter, gas appliance safety service and repair.

We are in a National Health Crisis, we have been called to arms and must work together to stop this epidemic from spreading. Our local Government has taken measures that we must follow and obey to help stop the spread of the CV-19. We must work together as a community, helping each other out by isolating whenever possible, washing our hands, disinfecting and staying out of harms way. We are asking you as a member of our community to support our local businesses when needed. We will keep our doors open for you.

It is in our name: “SAFE” and in our hearts to do what we can to keep our community safe and free from germs caused by clogged sewer lines, drains and leaking water. Hazardous conditions caused by leaking gas, malfunctioning gas heater and appliances.

SGS will stay OPEN due to our commitment to our community. Our team of experts will do our part to keep everybody safe, healthy and as comfortable as possible during this National Emergency and isolation period. SGS will be providing essential services and will be ready for you 24/7. For non-emergencies (8am-5pm) call 1-866-SAFE-001 or 213-663-1508. For emergency please call Fabian direct at 310-877-4350.

We know customers are worried about the health hazards involved when entering their home during this crisis. That is why Safe Gas Service has taken extra health measures to keep our customers and employees as safe as possible. SGS’ Technicians are trained to keep you safe. Our courteous and professional technician and staff is required to constantly wash their hands, avoid non-essential contact, gatherings and to isolate whenever possible to minimize the chance of getting sick as a commitment to your safety and ours. SGS Field Technician and Plumbers are required to avoid contact with tenants, keeping a clean work area, wear mouth protection, safety gear, constantly disposing and changing of their rubber gloves and not entering a tenants units or customers home who have symptoms of the flu or any other illness. We have been aware and conscious of the effect of the Coronavirus-19, we have been practicing these safety precautions for weeks and will continue to do so during this epidemic or as long as it takes to make our customers feel safe again.

“Together we can make America Safe again”

Thank you to our loyal customers,
The Padilla Family

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